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Therapeutic nail polishes based on ciclopirox

Full Paper
A. K. Drabczyk, P. Podobińska, A. Mamica,J. Jaśkowska* 

Pages 347-358
The aim of the research work was to create a nail polish formulation that would carry the therapeutic substance ciclopirox (ciclopiroxolamine), a drug with an exceptionally broad spectrum of activity, exhibiting antifungal, antibacterial, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory activity. The experiments conducted proved that ciclopirox can not only be released from the developed formulations when applied directly to the plate, but can also be applied to nails covered with cosmetic varnish. The amount of released active ingredient reaches the minimum inhibitory concentration for cyclopirox in Candida spp. infection. Which suggests that the formulations would be effective for fungal infections. The best results in terms of film formation were obtained for formulations that were based on PVP. The highest released drug concentration occurred with formulation No. 3 and was 4.47 (mg/10ml) after 24 hours.
Keywords Therapeutic nail polishes, ciclopirox, Candida spp., onychomycosis
First published: 20.12.2023