2024, Volume 3, Issue 2

Synthesis and prediction of toxicological and pharmacological properties of Schiff bases containing arylfuran and pyrazole moiety
Full paper
Natalia Kosylo, Andrii Hotynchan, Olha Skrypska*, Yuriy Horak, Mykola Obushak
Pages 62-73
doi: 10.58332/scirad2024v3i2a01

Phytochemical constituents and antioxidant activity of Ricinus communis Linn leaf and seeds extracts
Full paper
Hani Bushra Mohamed Gassim*, Afaf Mahmoud Hassan, Ragaa Satti Mohamed Abadi, and Yasir A. A. Mutafa*
Pages 74-88
doi: 10.58332/scirad2024v3i2a02