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2023, Volume 2, Issue 1

A Useful Classification of Organic Reactions Based on the Flux of the Electron Density
L. R. Domingo, M. Ríos-Gutiérrez
Pages 1-24
doi: 10.58332/scirad2023v2i1a01

Cooling techniques for PV panels: A review
E. Kozak-Jagieła, P. Cisek, P. Ocłoń
Pages 47-68
doi: 10.58332/scirad2023v2i1a03

Unveiling substituent effects in [3+2] cycloaddition reactions of benzonitrile N-oxide and benzylideneanilines from the molecular electron density theory perspective
Full paper
A. Mondal, H. A. Mohammad-Salim, N. Acharjee
Pages 75-92
doi: 10.58332/scirad2023v2i1a05

Sterical index: a novel, simple tool for the interpretation of organic reaction mechanisms
Short communication
E. Dresler, R. Alnajjar, R. Jasiński
Pages 69-74
doi: 10.58332/scirad2023v2i1a06