Unsuccessful synthesis of individual 1,1-dinitroethene

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Jowita Kras (1), Maria Mikulska (1), Radwan Allnajar (2), Karolina Kula (1)*

(1) Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Cracow University of Technology, Warszawska 24, 31-155 Cracow (Poland),
(2) PharmD, Faculty of Pharmacy, Libyan International Medical University, Benghazi, Libya
* Correspondence to: karolina.kula@pk.edu.pl

Pages 9-13

The possibility of the preparation of free 1,1-dinitroethene was examined experimentally on the basis of procedures described earlier for other examples of 1-R-1-nitroethenes. It was found, that these types of protocols are non-usable for the preparation of the title compound due to its high reactivity and tendency to decomposition and oligomerization.
nitroalkenes, nitroalcohols, dehydratation
First published: 04.03.2024