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2023, Volume 2, Issue 2

Quantum dots for temperature sensing
N. Doskaliuk, Y. Lukan, Y. Khalavka
Pages 93-111
doi: 10.58332/scirad2023v2i2a01
Unusual regioselectivity in [3+2] cycloaddition reactions between (E)-3-nitroacrylic acid derivatives and (Z)-C,N-diphenylimine N-oxide
J. Kras, A. Wróblewska, A. Kącka-Zych
Pages 112-117
doi: 10.58332/scirad2023v2i2a02
K. Hyjek, P. Jodłowski
Pages 118-189
doi: 10.58332/scirad2023v2i2a03
Full paper
B. Synkiewicz-Musialska
Pages 190-201
doi: 10.58332/scirad2023v2i2a04
Full paper
S.A. Siadati, M. Samadi, M. Soheilizad, L. Firoozpour, M. Payab, S. Bagherpour, B. Dindari
Pages 202-216
doi: 10.58332/scirad2023v2i2a05