2D Metal Halide Perovskites: A New Fascinating Playground for Exciton Fine Structure Investigations

2022 vol 1 issue 1

M. Baranowski, M. Dyksik, P. PÅ‚ochocka

Pages 3-25


Two-dimensional (2D) metal halide perovskites are natural quantum wells which consist of low bandgap metal-halide slabs, surrounded by organic spacers barriers. The quantum and dielectric confinements provided by the organic part lead to the extreme exciton binding energy which results in a huge enhancement of exciton fine structure in this material system. This makes 2D perovskites a fascinating playground for fundamental excitonic physics studies. In this review, we summarize the current understanding and quantification of the exciton fine structure in 2D perovskites. We discuss what is the role of exciton fine structure in the optical response of 2D perovskites and how it challenges our understanding of this fundamental excitation. Finally, we highlight some controversy related to particularly large bright-dark exciton states splitting and high efficiency of light emission from these materials. This can result from the unique synergy of excitonic and mechanical properties of 2D perovskites crystals.

2D perovskites, exciton, fine structure, dark exciton states

First published: 18.11.2022